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Addereth Contemporary Ballet 

A WOman.

2021-2022 Season

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Up Coming 


A ballet researching Psalm 91. 

With Special Guests: Remnant Worship and Crown Dance Ministry 

Saturday October 17th/ Seating Open 5:30/ Performance Begins 6:00pm

Location: 122 King Street

Adairsville, Ga. 30103 

(Old Adairsville Elementary School/Recreation Gym)


"Take your shoes off your feet.

For the place you are standing is Holy Ground" 

This production is an examination of the different stages of grief. Using the poem “The Colours of Grief” by Christine Bevington as a guide, each dancer shows the isolation, anger, bargaining, and depression that surrounds those that are grieving. We found inspiration in the bible, we focused on the passage in Exodus 3 of Moses and the burning bush. This passage shows an Encounter with God that changes Moses, encourages him, comforts him, and calls him into his purpose. God tells him to take off his shoes for “the ground he is standing on is holy”. We follow the dancers through their Encounter with the Lord and follow them on their journey towards healing.

With Special Guests: Crown Dance Ministry 

Friday, March 19th and Saturday, March 20th / Seating Open 6:30/ Performance Begins 7:00

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Past Work

A ballet researching Psalm 91. 

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