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The student trainee program is for advanced dancers ages 14+ who are looking to develop their artistry and technique. This program is a stepping stone towards the professional dance world. It offers dancers the opportunity to polish their technique, explore their artistry, and foster their individual relationship with God. 


Students will train in classical ballet, release based contemporary technique, modern, and improvisation. They will have rehearsals for multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, including with Addereth Contemporary Ballet. In addition, they will have weekly bible study and creative worship class.

Sample Schedule


12:30-1:00 Bible Study 

1:00-2:30 Ballet Class

2:30-3:30 Rotating Class (Improvisation, Contemporary Partnering, Pointe, Conditioning) 



12:30-1:00 Cross Training 

1:00-2:30 Ballet Class

2:30-3:30 Modern 

3:30-4:00 Called Rehearsal 



12:30-1:00 Cross Training 

1:00-2:30 Ballet Class

2:30-3:30 Contemporary 

3:30-4:00 Called Rehearsal 



10:00-11:30 Company Class with Addereth Contemporary Ballet 

11:30-12:30 Understudy Rehearsal Opportunity 


Additional Information

For additional information, please email Artistic Director, Camille Jones-Tucker at:

Tuition: $100 per month 

Register for the program and we will contact you for a trial class

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