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2023-2024 Performance Season

Copy of Presented By Addereth Contemporary Ballet and Crown Dance Ministry (Facebook Post

Dry Bones

 Join us for the premiere of our new ballet Dry Bones, which features Christian musicians and selected works. Through the power of dance, Dry Bones shows how hopeless people can be revived by the presence of the Lord. Our performance is a powerful representation of faith. We invite you to come and experience the uplifting performance that Dry Bones has to offer.

Saturday September 23rd 7:00pm

Harris Arts Center Calhoun, Ga. 

The Glory of Christmas

Four the fourth year, we are proud to present "The Glory of Christmas" - a captivating performance involving our talented students, our professional company, and the Remnant Church kids choir. This mesmerizing show follows the story of two sisters who get a visit from the angel Gabriel, who teaches them what Christmas is truly about. Our talented dancers and singers will take you on a journey through the message of Christmas. Come join us for this special performance

December 3rd 2:00pm and 7:00pm

Rome City Auditorium

Copy of Presented By Addereth Contemporary Ballet and Crown Dance Ministry (Facebook Post

Narnia:The Salvation Story

We are proud to present our production, 'Narnia: The Salvation Story'. This full-length ballet follows the Pevensie Siblings as they journey through the wardrobe and discover the land of Narnia. Through this magical ballet, audiences will learn about faith and Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. Featuring our professional company complemented by the studio's talented students, this production promises to be an unforgettable performance.

God Speaks: Spring Recital

At our annual spring recital our students show off their hard work and dedication. This year, the theme of the show is to display the different ways God Speaks to us. We will feature a variety of dance genres, including classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Our performance will be a unique and inspiring experience for everyone involved. We invite you to come out and celebrate our students' talents and be uplifted by the power of prayer and movement.

Premiering May 2024

Rome City Auditorium


God Speaks
Spring Recital 2024

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