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Georgia's Professional Christian 
Dance Company 



The Name

The name Addereth is hebrew and means ​

Glory, Magnificence, Splendor 


(a) In the bible, the mantle represents a specific calling or purpose that God has placed on someone's life. Elijah puts his mantle on Elisha when it is time for him to pursue the prophetic calling on his life. The dancers in Addereth are chosen dependent on their anointing and the call on their lives to use dance as a ministry. 

(b) The word Addereth stems from the word Adar meaning glory. The scripture that we have chosen to represent the company states that we are being transformed from glory to glory. From this place of anointing, we can be a reflection of the glory of God to the world.


The Movement 

The first principle of our movement technique comes from the idea that the upper body and lower body go from being intensely disconnected to working as a unified whole.

The second principle of our movement technique comes from the direct definitions of ballet steps. Each word’s corresponding definition is then placed at an extreme to guide the way that the step is executed.

These two principles work together in creating artists who have their own unique movement language. It creates diverse dancers that are appreciated for their individualism. Dancers are encouraged to explore their own preferences of how they complete a step inside of a loose structure. Within this structure, dancers are encouraged to stay in a position of worship throughout class.

The third principle of our movement is worship focused dancers. We encourage dancers to find ways to make company class, rehearsal, and performances an intimate time of worship.


At Addereth, we feel that giving professional dancers creative freedom in choices and autonomy in their artistry creates confident artists. We believe that when a dancer finds this confidence and freedom, then they are able to minister effectively through their artform. 

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