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Youth Ballet Ensemble

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This program is to encourage our students who are passionate about ballet and performing. To be eligible to be in the ensemble, your child must be registered for a ballet class and their corresponding worship class. Students will have rehearsals on select Friday evenings. From this group, we will choose soloists, special duets/trios, characters, and they will have an additional dance in the spring performance. Participation in this program does not guarantee a lead role in every Crown production; however, leads and soloists will be chosen from this group exclusively. In addition, we will do our best to highlight each ensemble dancer in a special way for every performance. 

Youth Ballet Ensemble evenings will consist of a shortened ballet class, rehearsal, and special bible study time focusing on the theme of the production. Students will be given dance notebooks to write down corrections, scriptures, and important information about their parts.

Ballet Ensemble Level 4: 

Mondays 6:30-8:00 

Beginning September 

*Soloists may be asked to stay until 8:30

Ballet Ensemble Level 3: 

Specific Mondays 7:00-8:00 

Beginning September 

Youth Ballet Ensemble




Our ministry groups are comprised of students from our Worship classes. They focus on using Worship dance to minister to the community. These students are invited to perform with Addereth Contemporary Ballet twice a year. 

Ministry Group
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