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 Mission. Vision. Values. 

We achieve our two part mission through two interdependent ministry focuses.

Crown Dance Ministry: School of the Arts, is a dance studio empowered by the stance that every child deserves the opportunity to dance.

Addereth Contemporary Ballet is a professional dance company focused on ministering to the community through high level contemporary dance. 


Crown Dance provides the opportunity for students from any circumstance to have a quality dance education in a Christ centered learning environment. 


We achieve creative and technical excellence through our qualified teachers rooted in sound, biblical theology.


To empower students to understand their worth, teach them to use their individual giftings and creativity, and to create the next generation of dance ministry leaders.


School of the Arts




We use contemporary ballet as a catalyst in leading viewers into an encounter with the glory of God. 


We provide a home for christian dance professionals to utilize their individual movement qualities, abilities, and passion for ministry.




To impact and awaken hearts through a unique, eloquent view of the gospel and to raise the perception of Christian art. 

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